doctor who is ~more popular than ever~ in the US and canada now because in 2010 bbc worldwide got off their ass and got their shit together and started marketing it competently

the show finally had an SDCC panel for the first time in 2009, with rtd & david tennant

BBCA started showing new episodes first two weeks later, and eventually the same day as they air in the UK, instead of six months later

in canada, doctor who moved from CBC — which cut scenes from episodes and aired them six months later in the friday night death slot — to Space, a specialty scifi network where episodes air same-day as the UK 

they started shipping the cast to NYC and to LA to promote the show, to host premieres, to do talk shows

bicker all you want about whether or not steven moffat’s writing or matt smith’s doctor contributed to the show’s success over here, but let’s stop pretending the burst in popularity over here circa s5/s6 isn’t 85% because the product was finally available and accessible and being heavily marketed and delivered to interested audiences

This makes me lol because I was in the UK in 2008 (well, early January 2009) and Doctor Who was SUPER MEGA POPULAR. Like, use some logic here. Extremely popular in its home country, not much heard of in other countries. At a time when watching TV via the internet was still in its infancy. Why could that be. Why could that beeeee?

I am going to go out on a limb and wager that it’s not because British people are happy with just any old twaddle yet North Americans (et al.) are so very discerning as to reject the show until it ~got good.

Lol speaking of TV on the internet: the first season that was available on iplayer in the UK was season 4. It wasn’t even available to watch live, IIRC - and sometimes it didn’t go up for an hour after the broadcast time. It was still quicker (usually, with the notable exception of, I think, The Stolen Earth, which had me livid with rage) than the Americans waiting for a download but goddamn was it frustrating as hell.

A hell of a lot has changed in the last few years when it comes to TV, lbh.

every time someone attributes the show’s popularity to moffat/matt i’m just like